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​Educating West Virginians About
Marijuana and Marijuana Policy 

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt

Cancelled - To Be Rescheduled This Summer

WILLIAMSON Meeting Being Rescheduled

Firstly, a huge 'Thank You' to the thousands of marijuana advocates who took time out of their busy days to make that call, send that email or letter, or even visit their elected officials to lobby for legalization of medical marijuana.  WVNORML thanks each and everyone of you!

Unfortunately, the 2016 WV Legislature (cited by some as the 'Worst Ever') chose to ignore West Virginians pain and suffering by tossing aside legalization legislation.

WVNORML refuses to leave this battlefield and will instead travel around the state to give informational medical marijuana meetings so more people can be educated about marijuana policy.

Join WVNORML today and help us spread this important message.


Speak Up.

Empty Glass Bar, Charleston, WV

April 20, 2016 - National 420 Day

An advocate in Williamson, WV is working with WVNORML to schedule a Medical Marijuana Legalization Informational Meeting  in Williamson.

​Details coming in May.


420 Event

Not a Good Year for Medical Marijuana Legalization 

Eastern Panhandle Meeting on April 21 at Shepherdstown