WVNORML Endorsements for 2014 General Election

WV NORML is pleased to announce the following endorsements for the 2014 General Election:

  • Delegate Mike Manypenny, Democrat Taylor county, 49th Delegate District
  • Delegate Margaret Staggers, Democrat Fayette county, 32nd Delegate District
  • Candidate Mike Pushkin, Democrat 37th Delegate District
  • Candidate Jesse Johnson, Mountain Party, 17th Senatorial District.

Delegate Manypenny has been a long time advocate for the compassionate use of Medical Cannabis, including being the lead sponsor of House Bill 4246, Creating the Compassionate use for Medical Cannabis (2014 Regular Session). Delegate Manypenny said "Doctors need to have the legal authority to prescribe safe, cost effective alternative medicine, and medical cannabis will certainly help to reduce the epidemic of addiction in our state." In addition to Delegate Manypenny's sensible position on compassionate use, he is also a supporter of agricultural hemp production to help diversify our states economy.

Delegate Margaret Staggers is a supporter of the sensible use of medical cannabis, including participating in the Legislative Health Committee study of medical cannabis in 2013.

Candidate Mike Pushkin is a supporter of responsible and sensible drug policies that promote rehabilitation and treatment, not criminalizing addiction, which should be medical, not a judicial problem. 

Candidate Johnson and the WV Mountain Party have endorsed Agricultural Hemp production to help diversify the states economy, he and the party support the compassionate use of medical cannabis and they support the decriminalization of cannabis because the war on drugs is a failure costing tax payers millions while producing no tangible social benefit. Candidate Johnson said "As a state we need to embrace the benefits of the emerging cannabis economy and realize that just like the counterproductive prohibition of alcohol, the prohibition of cannabis is a waste of our limited law enforcement dollars, drives up court costs without benefit and unnecessarily ruins lives while squandering an opportunity to raise revenue for our state. At a minimum we need to authorize compassionate use and develop a gold standard policy for agricultural hemp."WV NORML recognizes all of the sponsors of House Bill 4246, and all of the sponsors of the Health Committee Resolution studying compassionate use in 2013.

WV NORML also notes that the Department of Agricultures legislative rule on Agricultural hemp will be up for passage in 2015, so remember that our votes matter now more than ever.