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Video Challenge

WVNORML is seeking short video clips – 10-15 seconds – for public service announcements.  Please email .MOV files to elkrivervideo.com and have a supporter finish this sentence:

“Medical Marijuana helps me  ____________________________________”

These videos will be incorporated into .30 and .60 second PSAs to help WNORML educate West Virginians about medical marijuana and marijuana policy.

West Virginia NORML

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  1. I am an avid supporter of medical marijuana. My mother has had Multiple Sclerosis since 2001, and I have seen the toll it takes on my mother’s body first hand. She takes meds that help with the anxiety and pain, but she wants to stop them bc they are narcotics and doesn’t want to have a dependency on it. The only thing that helps with the pain and insomnia is medical marijuana. I live in the northern panhandle, in Wheeling. If you are ever up this way for a petition or rally, please get ahold of me via e – mail or phone. My phone number is 304-830-2888. Pleas get ahold of me because I have many people that would come out to support the cause.

    Colby Spacht

    • Also, notify me if at all possible when there are any kind of rally anywhere throughout the state. I will make the trip to be there whenever possible to support this cause. This is going to go down in history people, so if you want to get involved in something that will change people’s lives for the better and stimulate the economy; this is your chance to help out and do so!!

    • Colby, thanks for your support. WVNORML is putting together an email list to alert members of upcoming events. Definitely need some people working on behalf of medical marijuana in the Wheeling area.

    • Great! Please tell us what you volunteer position you would feel comfortable with. Can you help with the setup and running the information table at the August 2 meeting? Brochures and petitions will be provided.

  2. I live 3 miles from the capitol in Charleston wv. I would like to be a active lobbyist. I am retired now and have plenty of time. If you need me I am right here. Also I am a veteran of the USAF Vietnam era. Honorably discharged. I suffer from Major depression/anxiety. Had it for years I have been on all kind of man made med. They are no good for me. Marijuana is the only thing that helps me. I am tired of hiding out. God made everything clean. Man can make it unclean. Marijuana is Gods creation. How can man tell me I cannot use it. The laws are unjust. I want to do my part to change this. Ready and willing in Charleston.Hope to here from you soon.

    • Michael,

      Thank you for your willingness to step forward on legalizing medical marijuana. An eMail Blast Events List is being compiled and interested parties like yourself are being included.

      Watch the Events page for the next meeting info.

      If you live in the Elk River area, there will be a Meet the Candidates meeting at the Elk River Community and Education Center Tuesday, April 22 at 6:30 pm. Dave Dawson, WVNORML Executive Director, urges all supporters of medical marijuana to attend these events and ask those wanting to be elected and representing the majority, ‘Where do you stand on legalizing medical marijuana?’

      WVNORML has worked hard the past couple of years, largely in the background. A new website will be implemented in the next few months. Designed by some top-notch web and designer supporters, the site will be way more interactive, allowing a faster flow of info, events, products and printable info sheets.

      One last word, not one person in this organization has received any salary, gifts, money, trips, nada, from or for their hours of dedicated planning, writing, meetings, phone calls, web site updates, emails, designs, etc. All funds to WVNORML are used to educate West Virginians about marijuana policy.

  3. Greetings,

    Is there an email address to which I can write your organization about a personal story that may or may not be helpful to the cause? I prefer to remain anonymous if possible.


    • Her Last Resort (and anyone else who wishes to tell their story),

      WVNORML has worked hard to provide anonymous assistance to all supporters. However, we have also recognized that, in today’s modern media world, there is no hiding place.

      If you have a story, short video link or event info, send it here. It won’t be made available in the Comment section but if deemed appropriate, be loaded on the site with your name and email address removed.

  4. This is what we need , not pills heroin and meth everywhere , I come from a worse part of the state and I’ll tell you right now if this bill is passed many people around here would stop all that other stuff , they use these things because they was prescribed opiates or benzos for their illnesses and conditions . They begin to use them and they get addicted then eventually can’t get the prescription anymore so they turn to street drugs . Medical marijuanna does a lot of good for a lot of the things that people actually start using drugs for and chasing highs for . Marijuanna could work even better too. It needs to be looked at as a public issue and not a crime . Your a bunch of representatives who have it nice and living with a worry free life , most of witch don’t get the every day experience from living in the bad parts or even moderate parts . You have no idea how much it could help if you don’t submit yourselves to the problem .

  5. ok so im wondering is there any hope for them to make it to where everyday people will be able to smoke without a perscription cus i do like to be able to smoke after i get home from working in the heat all day

  6. I have tons of folks ready to ROLL on this. All 21+. All medically nessacary. So glad many are speaking up and giving some steam to medical use in WV!

    • How about joining the next Executive Meeting in Charleston early April?

      We can share resources and offer assistance as needed. Thanks!

  7. Curious what the current status of HB 4264. I had heard, second hand, that Mr. Purdue was not going to “allow debate” on the bill.

    Since when do our representatives have the option to disallow discussion or public input beyond easily-ignored emails and letters?

    When is the protest rally to show them we are NOT going to be ignored?

    The first Revolution was not won without personal risk, nor will this one be. The moment those gentlemen signed the Declaration of Independence, they were guilty of treason and subject to hanging if captured by their enemies. They had families, property, and jobs, just like us, and they risked it all to win.

    Phone calls and emails are simply not enough. If we cannot get significant numbers of supporters to speak up, turn out and demonstrate, we will not win.

  8. Marijuana is one of the greatest remedies to exist. It is completely healthy, with no overdose risk. It does not destroy your insides, or make you nauseated. I’ve gotten medical marijuana from California. As I had it I would give it to my old buddies who struggle with hard drug addictions. In doing so, I managed to get two people off heroin, two people off meth and four people off of pain pills and bath salts. It is a wonderful thing. It needs to be legalized. The older people understand it’s use, the younger generation jus like to abide it. Nothing wrong with that, as long as your focused on your schooling and staying out of trouble. I know a good bit of high schoolers who say and show, that smoking high grade marijuana helps them focus in school, and stay away from the bad decisions that others make. Please legalize it, because if not this world will be full of hard drug addicts that smoke terrible weed. Terrible weed is what makes people want to take on new drugs. After so long the schwag weed only gives headaches, and tiredness. High grade leaves you full of life. West Virginia will make a huge mistake if they do not legalize marijuana. Thanks for reading,

    Helping People One Joint at a Time

    • I support marijuana. I am only sixteen but i know more them most adults on the subject. I strongly agree with the idea of keepin young kids like myself out of criminal activities by introducing marijuna but not diliberatly. I attend smhs in the eastern panhandle and iwill be competing in a deca chapter in Charleston soon this march. I plan on bringing up the subject during the competition and am looking forward to the reactions of the WV DECA advisors that will be there. Hopefully i will turn some heads and educate people on this subject.

      • Vlad, WVNORML support legalization of medical marijuana so that marijuana can be regulated and hopefully, kept out of the hands of anyone under 21, regulated just like cigarettes and beer.

        Congratulations on competing in WV DECA. Check under our ‘News’ and ‘Resources’ page for the latest in news and scientific studies. Sharing this information helps remove the stigma attached to marijuana, left over from the propaganda film, ‘Reefer Madness.”

        Best wishes to you. Thank you for your support.

        • I disagree with the 21 and older position, as I do for alcohol. If you can serve and die in the military at age 18, you should be able to enjoy a beer or a smoke at the same age.

          And we don’t need decriminalization- the government and big business are ALREADY involved, so the argument that this would keep them out is ignorant. The only law we need is 18 and older except with a doctor’s prescription, and the requirement that commercial growers consume a randomly-selected quarter ounce of their own product per month. The only regulations we require is complete transparency of chemicals used in growth and independent third-party inspection of commercial product. There are already enough regulations in place regarding disposal of waste, effluents, and pesticides.

      • i agree with u ive been smoking sense i was 12 or 13 years old and i personally beleave that it helps me pay more atition in school im 18 now so that will give u a hint about it i was in jrotc and they had us run 41/2 miles everyday for raiders team and i was never out of breath even when i did smoke before we had to run so i think it needs to be ligal for recational use

        • Actually, WVNORML believes medical marijuana be available to adults only, unless recommended by a physician.

        • I completely support the use of medical marijuana , but you sir did not pay attention in school, judging by your spelling anyway. Stay smart kid.

        • Pot is not for School children it is for adults only and after work NOT during work. Let us not downplay pot it is what it is.More research needs to be done on the DNA for medicine and pot needs to be DECRIMINALIZED down a few numbers like 4. When pot is legal all kinds of jobs are lost and all that legal money is lost. I used to smoke it all the time i was a 70s HIPPIE in Fla. when one oz. cost twenty dollars. I would rather see someone smoke a joint than drink VODKA. Please keep it out of SCHOOLS and away from children. If you smoke in SCHOOL your grades WILL go down I KNOW. BEEN THERE DONE THAT. Self educate yourself on pot.How does CABANOIDS help children with SEIZURES. Learn how to hold your own when speaking about POT because most relate pot to a pot head,LAZY,WON’T WORK,THIEF but if you go to a bar and have a drink you are cool.SO TOKE RESPONSIBLY

          • WVNORML believes that legalization and regulations will keep marijuana out of school children’s hands. Restrictions on alcohol and cigarettes make it hard for young people to access. The same rules would apply to marijuana and medical marijuana.

            Please follow the site and come help us educate West Virginian’s about marijuana legislation.

  9. My father is a lobbyist at the state capitol and knows don Perdue and im trying to talk to him. Hes for mmj but he cant change minds but i will fight for mmj in wv… i hv crohns disease and mj has seemed to b amazing for me even tho im stuck with pressed pot thats brown and old and pressed… they are charging out the butt for it and i dont kno if im smoking spidermites or mold or what… i jus want to b able to take my meds and it be clean and i kno where its coming from i will b in the fight to do whats right and LEGALIZE

  10. I was a nurse for 25 years and say the positive effects of marijuana. It helped with appetite and with nerves, aggitation, pain and just overall relaxation, which can be impossible with sickness and worry.I hope WV does the right thing and legalize it!!!!!!

  11. Our little family attended the Oct 22, 2013 Silver Hair Meeting, briefly, to share our story of hope in medicinal marijuana to help treat one of our 2 year old sons, identical Twin, Bryan. He has many medical complications, with Infantile Spasms being the most deadly & problematic. We have had all negative experiences in regards to pharmaceutical drugs, & have found over the counter vitamins to help reduce his seizure activity. We would LOVE to have the opportunity to explore a more natural remedy, marijuana, in hopes of NO seizure activity, & opportunity to thrive. After hearing the latest reports, along with our own research, we think about it daily “could our son have more opportunities at a more “typical” life, with the help of cannabis?” Right now he is diagnosed with mental & physical retardation. (brain malformation called Pachygyria, caused from womb disease, TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) We have seen first hand how the “LACK OF” seizure activity allows him to develop & grow. The endless amount of wondering “what if…..he could have other chances & opportunities to grow & thrive….” “what if…….”, only if we could have the chance to try it, this could be our missing piece to our sons puzzle, our puzzle. & not to forget the other twin that is showing signs of autism. I question if cannabis could help him along as well? Haven’t seen any studies in regard to this.
    We hope to see change in the laws very soon, as our children have “windows of time” for opportunities to grow & thrive, our “windows of time” are closing soon. Would love to find something that helps make more “connections” for our sons brain. ;)

    We are heavily considering sharing our story with the PSA to be aired soon. How many other families could be in our shoes???
    Please let us know more details in regards to the upcoming PSA

    Thank you
    Keri Fridley

    • Keri,
      We were all touched and energized in our efforts to legalize medical marijuana after seeing your beautiful family and knowing how much medical marijuana would help.

      And yes, it would be beneficial to know how many other children suffering from seizures could be helped by medical marijuana.

      WVNORML will be producing a media campaign, allowing suffering people to tell their stories. Contact WVNORML if you would be willing to share your story.

      • Dear Senator Manchin
        It is leaders like you that kepp people suffering and keep WV behind in so many
        areas of medical help.
        If you child was suffering from one these problems and weed would help wouldn’t you want it for your child.

    • If anyone has a list of Delegates that are actually for marijuana,it would be helpfull.Being that it is election year,maybe they should be afraid of not voting for mmj.

      • A WVNORML General Members meeting will be held later in January. Stay tuned for details. This meeting will offer grass root educational information and activities to share with your elected officials.

        To all, please be patient with this website. There’s only one person handling it with numerous other duties so sometimes I get behind.

  12. I got this E-Mail today from our Gov. Joe Manchin.

    Dear Mr. German Udo

    Thank you for contacting me and for sharing your concerns about access to marijuana for medicinal purposes. Hearing from West Virginians is very important to me, and I appreciate your input on this issue.

    The legalization of marijuana for therapeutic uses has been a highly debated issue. Proponents of legalization argue that marijuana can provide therapeutic relief to individuals diagnosed with a debilitating medical conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, and neurological and movement disorders. Opponents maintain that as a Schedule I controlled substance, marijuana has a high potential for abuse, has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and has a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.

    Over the years, Congress has acted to uphold the status of marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance, therefore, marijuana, for any use, is illegal under federal law. Several states have enacted laws allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, however, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration does not recognize these state laws and continues to investigate and arrest, under federal statute, medical marijuana providers and users in those states and elsewhere. On June 6, 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that there was no medical necessity defense against prosecution for the federal crimes of cultivating or distributing marijuana, even in places where state law recognizes such a defense. The state of West Virginia does not.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to add your voice to this discussion. Although I have great concerns about drug use in West Virginia, and across the country, I appreciate hearing your perspective, and value your thoughts. If I may be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

    With warmest regards,

    Joe Manchin III
    Unites States Senator

      • I just wanted to say the I believe marijuana should be legalized for medical reasons because I have smoked it for my back pain and it has helped me deal with it better. When my sister passed away in 2008, I went through a stage of depression and I also smoked it that time to help cope with losing my only sibling that I lost at age 23. Thanks for your time,
        Tommy Riggs

    • Mr. Udo, hat’s off to you, Sir, for taking the time to write Senator Manchin. With over 51% of Americans approving medical marijuana and jails at dangerously high capacity, the government is going to have to give up on the war on drugs. Forty years and $3 trillion spent and what’s to show? Law enforcement getting incentive monies for minor drug infractions and the prison industry making billions? Something’s wrong with this picture.

      Thanks again for writing. And do write your elected state senators and delegates expressing your support as there is a House Health Committee completing a study on medical marijuana right now. They will present their findings in January at the 2014 Legislative session. Let them know your views.

      • I support Medical Marijuana for the fact of having PTSD (NON War related), and numerous health issues related to Cancer. Although I am cancer free, these problems of neurological and bone degeneration plagues me every day. I can not take pain pills, nor do I want to take them with the threat of addiction. This country has forgot the fact that Marijuana was legal in this country until the government found a way to make money from pills. Anyone correct me was it the 1930′s for 1940′s when the prohibition of Marijuana began? Lift the Ban, People of this country need alternatives, not more PILLS!

  13. I’m all for MMJ in the great mountain state. I would like to get that petition filled out and sent to the state ASAP. I actually email our legislators and got two responses which I am very happy to share:

    Senator William Laird IV

    Jul 1

    to me
    Dear Mr. Blank:
    Thank you for contacting me about this issue. It is my understanding that this topic will be discussed during our interim meetings in the months leading up to the regular legislative session next year. I intend to listen carefully to the evidence concerning the medical use of marijuana in making my decision concerning the support of this legislation. Given our opioid addiction rates, this could indeed be a viable option for the relief of chronic pain. Again, thank you for contacting me.
    Senator Bill Laird

    and also which I found this one funny: Margaret Staggers

    Jul 4

    to me
    I support legalization

    okay, I hope to see this passed in the near future, as I have back pains and depression. But, happy toking everyone!

    • Nick, that’s great you emailed your Senators and their replies are so positive!

      The push for policy changes regarding medical marijuana has gained tremendous momentum from the grassroots–you and all the others making this happen.

      If we all push hard for the next six months and commit to making our voices heard, the Legislature is going to be hard pressed to ignore. Thanks for your efforts, Nick!

  14. My medical sob story aside, I’m a neophyte when it comes to government process on this House Bill. I’m in Wood County. Who or what people specifically should I contact? Please, just give a list and I will go through it with emails, phone calls, whatever you ask. Happy to do so!

    I will take on one quick soap box for my community. Economically speaking, we’re kicking hard-working West Virginians in the face. I’ve met SO many people that will do hard, physical labor- like say, growing- and they need jobs because they want to live here, around their families. On the other end, how many people do you know that could own medical centers, be budtenders, be care specialists/delivery, do marketing, etc to help those that need it (especially the HUGE aging population!) There’s always been a job crisis in West Virginia, it just took the rest of America to catch up. Let’s pass the bill and get some hard workers some jobs.

    • firsstname, glad to hear from Wood County. The WV House of Delegates Health Committee has released the following resolution WV House Concurrent Resolution 116 asking the Committee on Gov and Finance to form a select commmittee for the purposes of studying medical cannabis.

      Go to http://www.legis.state.wv.us/house/roster.cfm and scroll down to Wood County for your Delegates. Bring the subject up at your next social gathering. Call your delegates in Wood County and all those on the Committee for Gov and Finance and ask them to support House Concurrent Resolution 116. Call the featured delegates and thank them for sponsoring this resolution.

      Ask people for support. Talk to people, write letters to the editor, call and email your elected officials to let them know you support legalization of medical marijuana.

  15. My delegate was one of the co sponsers (Thank you Very Much Diserio). However on another note, I have heard Rep McKinley speak against legalization in any way. “Must be something in the water out there!” and quickly changing subjects when asked further.

    • Del. McKinley needs to check out the Press Releases page on this site for information showing how state after state is legalizing medical marijuana.

      Supporters need to keep up the calls, letters and emails while medical marijuana is being studied in preparation to being brought before the WV Senate next year.

    • Mc Kinley is a dink heavily engrained into the fracking and pharmaceutical industries. The only chance of changing his mind is a vote for his opponent…

  16. I recently let go of religious faith I’ve been taught since childhood and my mind has been wrestling with my new-found secular world view and my old religious one. Chronic tension headaches and migraines began a a few days later from this “post-religion traumatic stress.” I’ve tried all of the remedies, relief treatments, and OTC medication I could find online. None of which seemed to work. I started to lose sleep over this constant vise grip on my head and neck and my jaw felt so tight that I was starting to lose an appetite and became withdrawn from my family. I started to smoke cannibus as a result of failure of legal remedies and it’s the only thing that relieves my headaches. It’s just too bad that it is illegal for me to be comfortable if only for a few hours. I hope the legislation will pass. :)

    • oh and my opinion is that this isn’t a punishment from god. It’s seems a sort of psychological social distress.

      • Marijuana was one of the first crops cultivated so as one of the ‘herbs of the earth’ mentioned in the bible, it’s been in use for tens of thousands of years. Hoping you find relief for your ailments.

    • Cannibus has been proven to help so many ailments and we are glad it is helping you. It’s hard to be brave and contact your elected officials for fear of police retribution, social stigma, etc. but if enough of us write, call, email, visit, our elected officials must act for the good of the people.

  17. I had my first day of training yesterday at work. How did the hearing go? Theres been no update posted. Did it seem like it was gettinf a favorable review? I have epilepsy and would benefit from this!

    • The hearing went well, with eighteen speakers advocating for medical marijuana. Your elected officials need to know how you feel. The very best thing at right this moment is to contact your elected delegates and tell them you support HB 2961. The vote should come at any moment so the more people call in or email, the better chance for getting this legislation passed.

  18. i am 56 yrs old and i am in almost constant pain from a bone and joint disorder .,i take 5 pills a day for my heart.,some pain pills do not help me.and the ones that do im afraid o,.f or interfer with others, i have been hiding using marijuana from my wife and family,but it works for me..please reply if there is anything i can do to help….

    • So sorry to hear of your health struggles. It’s frustrating when there is a natural plant that helps so many ailments and yet is illegal when so many prescription drugs harm more than help.

      Go to Home Page of this site and follow the links to your delegates. Let them know you support HB 2961.

      Support WVNORML by attending upcoming events.

  19. .I want medical marijuana. But i also want to make sure its kept small. Local. No corporations. High interstate trade taxes. Anything corporate ruins economies. This can help our economy.

    • The Compassionate Use Act for Medical Marijuana outlines a controlled, West Virginian-run secure grow and dispensing facilities.

      It will also add another revenue source to aid the state’s declining tax base.

      Contact Del. Don Perdue, head of Health Committee and express your support for medical marijuana.

    • A concert to benefit HB 2230 The Compassionate Act for Medical Marijuana will me held on Thursday evening, March 14 at the Empty Glass. Please plan on attending and supporting efforts to legalize medical marijuana. Will post more complete schedule tomorrow.

    • James, Hope these updates help. Will post more info as it comes in. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you there.

  20. It seems the Majority of the state wants legalization, but a select few of the politicians whom have their hands on monetary gains from other sources such for example Big Pharma. will not allow what the majority of it’s citizens in the state wants. The resolve needed to this continuing problem would to be to Elect them right out of their office’s. These individuals are denying the populous of their right’s of choice and it’s time we get them removed , and get replacements that work for the citizens of this Great state whom stand by their oath of being public servants, for the voice of the people and not those just their to fill their pockets with continuous lobbying,.. looking for some sort of pay-off from anyone willing to give it.

    • Concerned Citized, Thank you for your comment. Now is the time to make your voice heard, time to stand up to Big Pharma. Please download a petition, have people sign it and send it in to your elected officials.

      HB 2230 is currently in the Health Committee headed by Del. Don Perdue. Delegates in this committee are: Perry, Ellington, Householder, Campbell, Diserio, Eldridge, Ferns, Fleischauer, Lawrence, Marshall, Moorre, Moye, Poore, Stqggers, Arvon, Border, Cowles, Faircloth, Lane, Miller, Pasdon, Rowan and Sobonya. Call, write or email them and let them know you support HB 2230 The Compassionate Act for Medical Marijuana.

      Together, we can make positive changes. Act NOW!

  21. It’s gotta get out of Committee. The Chairman of that Committee needs to be the focus. Letters, calls, e-mails. And the public should be made aware of who this person is and who is lobbying against it because that is where it has failed in the past. Too much beer distributor, pharmacy and others against it doing secret lobbying outside the light of day..

  22. Josh,
    Glad for your support! You can help reform WV laws on medical marijuana by sharing your support of this issue. Those of you in dire medical straits, i.e. chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, PTSD and so many other conditions, can share information from the Resources link by video links, .PDFs filled with scientific studies behind them and finally letters you can copy, paste and mail to your elected officials.

    According to two recent polls, West Virginians overwhelmingly support legalization of medical marijuana. Now is the time to let your elected officials you support legalization of medical marijuana.

    Now’s the time as this issue is hot right now, with a lot of media attention. Time to make our voices heard!

  23. I would love to help where I can with the fight for Medical Marijuana in our great state and wold like to attend chapter meetings in the Charleston area

    Thank you
    Joshua Milhoan

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