House Bill 4264 – The Compassionate Act for Medical Marijuana

Del. Mike Manypenny has sponsored H.B. 4264 -  The Compassionate Act for Medical Marijuana that aims to amend state law so that physician-supervised patients with an authorized chronic or debilitating medical condition can possess marijuana for medical purposes. The measure also allows for the establishment compassion centers to dispense medical cannabis to qualified patients.

Please call your delegates and those on the Committee for Gov and Finance and ask them to support H.B. 4264 Call your delegates and thank them for sponsoring this resolution.

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  1. I’ve been trying to email Mike Mannypenny a letter I’ve wrote, I’m not sure if it’s getting there. It’s in my outlook account, if I don’t get notification of it getting there I’ll have to hand write it and sent it by USPS, I think I have his mailing address, but I’m not sure, I’m not very computer savvy, so I’ll keep working on it. It’s to help him with his quest to pass the “medical marijuana bill in WV”. I’ll keep trying, stay in touch.

    Tommy Trash

  2. Please as a person that is very sick and can not walk. I would rather use medical marijuana. Rather than the drugs I am on and have been given, Such as opana and 0xycontin. I used marijuana
    before I got Pain Management. I had to Quit marijuana once I had to go to the clinic. I had no problem stopping and now with the meds I am taking if I am an hour or two behind. I get sick. Please understand that there is some of us out there that only wants to live without pain and try to enjoy life the best we can. And not do anything wrong.

  3. The time has come to vote out the old school politicians in this state. We are always 10+ years behind everyone else and with the coal industry declining we are in a great position as a state with resources (land) and knowledge to capitalize on this industry while it is still in it’s infancy. I appreciate Mr. Manypenny’s efforts for patients needing the medical use but we need to take the criminal element completely out of it. Educate yourself and others on the benefits of this plant and the insane spending associated with prohibition. Vote smart Mountaineers! Remember to ignore the internet trolls who seem to be desperately trying to hold onto prohibitionist attitudes. The train is at the gate WV, don’t hesitate or you will be left behind. toot toot!

  4. This is the most absurd thing I ever heard.It amazes me that people claim that these drug users are “innocent” until they are arrested for being in possession.Well just remember that the next time there is a rapist loose in your neighborhood,he was innocent until he got arrested for having sex.I will guarantee that if the law for the drug abusers is passed I will do everything in my power to see to it that MANYPENNY does not hold a government office again in this state.Marijuana is illegal,needs to stay illegal and anyone caught using it should rot in prison.You people think we have problems with bums on welfare now,just wait if this law passes those welfare numbers are going to go higher and higher,not to mention the crime rates right along with them

    • dude what are people in prison BUMS ON WELFARE free housing free food free medical no heating bill no water bill ….you really should try and educate yourself we are talking about a medicine not drugs … the one thing sick people are being deprived of … no other plant on the earth … your not worth the arguement

  5. WV is wasting millions of $ chasing after other wise law-abiding citizens who choose to partake of a substance that is legal in other states. This legalization is way past due, LAW MAKERS OPEN YOUR EYES !!!

  6. Marijuana is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol as well as man made prescription drugs. It would eliminate otherwise innocent people from being jailed for possession of marijuana. Marijuana is a plant that is grown it is not made in a lab or is it processed in any way. I have never understood why it has been illegal other than law enforcement being able to seize property and make arrests of those who use marijuana.

  7. seriously, when will wv stop all the draconian laws concerning marijuana? why are we always behind the times? lawmakers know marijuana should not be a schedule one drug. I think it’s time the lawmakers listen to the people, or, we need new lawmakers. it may not be your thing, or my thing,but does smoking a joint really make you a criminal? wv, let the people speak, then chill, and light up.

  8. As a Vietnam veteran with service-connected disability for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and also as a sufferer of Hep-C; I would appreciate the WV Legislature’s quick action on the House Concurrent Resolution 116 Study. Thank you..


    • give me a number on how much the cartels make a year estimated and I will add another tshirt to the other ones I’m making and giving away that says how much we give to the cartels a year and press for the urgency of resolution that’s tax money we can use to get our country out of debt

  10. I was needing to know where West Virginia stands on medical marijuana right now? Personally I would love to see it pass because I have cerebral palsy and it really helps with my muscle spasms.

    • Tara, Read below about efforts now in progress to change WV laws on medical marijuana. Please express your support to family, friends, your local newspaper and TV channel and most importantly, elected officials in your area. We are working hard to people like you, who will benefit from these changes.

      WV Delegate To Introduce Bill To Allow Use Of Medical Marijuana
      Posted: Jan 21, 2013 5:22 PM EST
      Updated: Jan 21, 2013 5:38 PM EST
      By Kelsey Pape, Marion and Taylor County Reporter

      West Virginia is not one of the states that allows medical use of marijuana, for now.

      “Of all the states that have passed medical marijuana legislation, the substance abuse in those states have gone down,” said Delegate Mike Manypenny, (D) Taylor County.

      Delegate Manypenny is introducing a bill that would allow seriously ill patients to use marijuana without the fear of being arrested.

      “There are about nine different diseases that medical marijuana can be used effectively for,” he said. “The most specific is for cancer patients that are going through chemotherapy.” CLICK for rest of story.

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