WVNORML has a critical mission for you today.  Delegates PUSHKIN, FOLK, MCGEEHAN, FLANIGAN and FLUHARTY have introduced House Bill 114, which has been referred to the House Committee on Health and Human Resources.

HB 114 decriminalizes and permits personal use, growth and possession of certain amounts of cannabis by persons over the age of twenty-one, establishes a cannabis tax stamp program for legal sales and removes Cannabis Sativa from Schedule I of the WV Controlled Substance Act list.

You may read a copy for yourself at:  http://www.legis.state.wv.us/Bill_Text_HTML/2016_SESSIONS/1X/bills/hb114%20intr.pdf

Please contact Health and Human Resources Committee Chairman Joe Ellington at joe.ellington@wvhouse.gov or 304-340-3269, Speaker of the House Tim Armstead at armstead@wvhouse.gov or 304-340-3210 and Senate President Bill Cole at bill.cole@wvsenate.gov or 304-357-7801 and let them know you support HB 114.

Please share this message with fellow advocates and let's show them our support for this cause.  Thank you for being brave and speaking up.


Celebrating five years in August of educating West Virginians about marijuana and marijuana policy, WVNORML continues reaching out to elected officials and West VIrginians to lobby for legalization of medical marijuana.  

Search 'WVNORML' and see the many times our members have testified before the Legislature, wrote to the newspaper,  spoke out on television and radio, advocating for the legalization of marijuana in its various forms.  

WVNORML refuses to leave this battlefield and will continue to advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

Join WVNORML today and help us spread this important message.


Tremendous Support - It's Time, West Virginia!

WVNORML Urges Marijuana Advocates to Support HB 114

Here’s some absolutely fantastic WVNORML news of the past month.

- HB 114 Decriminalization Bill – WVNORML has been involved in Senate and HB drafting for the last five years.  This bill was tabled during the last session.

- ‘Our Children, Our Future’ Bi-Partisan Group Announces Legalizing Medical Marijuana one of Top Policy Priorities for 2016 Election

- Change.Org HB 114 Decriminalization  Support Petition has sent nearly 2,700 signatures along with 100s of letters to WV House Speaker Armstead.  Come on, show him we are serious.  Can you share the link in the story below and share everywhere so we can send him 10,000 signatures?  It's time, West Virginia!

- WV Democratic Convention Delegates Voted Marijuana Legalization as #2 Priority! 

- Rock Station 105 WKLC Now Supports WVNORML. Support WKLC and their advertisers.


Sign Change.Org Petition to Speaker Armstead Showing Your Support  for HB 114

WVNORML Continues Advocating for Suffering West Virginians

Please follow the Change.Org link below to a petition asking for the passage of H.B. 114, which will decriminalize and tax marijuana.  Our legislators need to hear our voices loud and clear! Over 1,000 have already signed and hundreds have sent messages to WV House Speaker Tim Armstead. ​


WV Legislature: Pass H.B. 114 Decriminalization of marijuana in West Virginia

Please pass H.B. 114 decriminalizing marijuana in West Virginia.  Why?   Marijuana and medical marijuana are being decriminalized and legalized across America. West Virginia is the fourth largest producer of marijuana. This fact shows a huge amount of untaxed income and demand. There are 1.86 million...


Educating West Virginians About Marijuana and Marijuana Policy