Educating West Virginians About Marijuana and Marijuana Policy 

It's Election Time, West Virginia!

Where do your elected officials stand on cannabis issues? This is a tough job since cannabis rarely, if ever, comes up for a vote. For the past two years the Republican leadership in the WV House of Delegates has thwarted all efforts to bring cannabis reform to the floor even despite the willingness of the Republican led WV Senate to explore the issue this past session. Democratic leadership held all reform efforts down the four years prior. This year, thanks in large part to Bernie Sanders supporters, the West Virginia Democratic Party has adopted legalizing cannabis into its official party platform. The WV Mountain Party also supports cannabis legalization and has done so for years.

WVNORML does not have a complete profile on all of the candidates. You can view a complete set of the candidates running for office on the WV secretary of state’s web page

For Governor

Charlotte Pritt (Mountain) Supports full legalization for adult use, medical use and industrial hemp 
Bill Cole (R) - Might consider legalizing medical marijuana, but not adult use.
Jim Justice (D) - Might consider legalizing marijuana, for adult use.

U.S. House of Representative

Mike Manypenny (D) 1st District - Mike got the ball rolling in WV for cannabis reform when he stuck his neck out four years in a row introducing progressive medical cannabis legislation in the WV House of Delegates.

WV House of Delegates

2016 HB 4680 - The following delegates co-signed a Medical Cannabis bill sponsored by Bill Flanigan- Creating a medical exemption to criminal laws against marihuana use and possession

Bill Flanigan (R) 51
Pat McGeehan (R) 01
Michael Folk (R) 63
Danny Wagner (R) 47
Michael Ihle (R) 13
Erikka Storch (R) 03
Isaac Sponaugle (D) 55
Jeff Eldridge (D) 22
Stephen Skinner (D) 67
Sean Hornbuckle (D) 16

2016 HB 4712 - Mike Pushkin introduced a bill decriminalizing cannabis possession, use and growth by adults.

Mike Pushkin (D) 37

Special Session (2016 budget issues)

Special Session HB - 114 - To help remedy the budget shortfall the following delegates co-sponsored this bill decriminalizing and permitting personal use, growth and possession of certain amounts of marihuana by persons over the age of twenty-one.

Mike Pushkin (D) 37
Shawn Fluharty (D) 03
Michael Folk (R) 63
Bill Flanigan (R) 51
Pat McGeehan (R) 01
Sean Hornbuckle (D) 16

Non-Incumbent candidates running who support cannabis reform - These candidates have expressed that they are interested in reforming cannabis laws.

Evan Hanson (D) Delegate District 51 Monongalia County
J. Morgan Leach (D) Delegate District 10 Wood County - Mr. Leach has actively pursued the development of our state hemp law and is an avid supporter of cannabis reform

Melissa Riggs Huffman (D) Delegate District 40

Have co-sponsored medical cannabis bills in past sessions 
Barbara Evans Fleischauer (D) 51
Nancy Peoples Guthrie (D) 36

The following are OPPOSED to cannabis reform

Tim Armstead (R) 40 Speaker, House of Delegates

Kelli Sobonya (R) 18 House Delegates