Mountain State Marijuana Fact 1:

WV's #1 Cash Crop

Marijuana is both America and West Virginia's largest cash crop, more than corn, wheat, all the others..

​All unregulated and untaxed.

John E. Mahlberg writes in an article in Appalachian Magazine, that out of all the plants suited for growing in the Appalachian region, it’s hard to make a case for any one more so than Mary Jane herself.

In 2012, Business Week writer Roger Alford remarked that the region “has a near-perfect climate for marijuana cultivation.”  A quote in the same article from Ed Shemelya of the United States Justice Department stated, “Our climate, hydrology, soil are ideal for cultivating cannabis…  You can’t find a better mix for cultivating cannabis anywhere in the country.”

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Our Mission 

Mountain State Marijuana Fact 2:

WV's #1 Cash Crop Can Help

With Budget Crisis

According to 2015, West Virginia's population was at 1,860,000.  Averaging various studies that show between 11% and 25% of Americans use marijuana, a mean of 14% results in approximately 260,400 WV users.

If WV Legislators pass H.B. 114 requiring marijuana users to purchase a Pot Tax Stamp for $500, this new tax could optimistically produce $130 million in revenue.  This money could put a dent in the state's budget deficit.


  • Educate about Cannabis
    • Medical Marijuana
    • Recreational Marijuana
    • Hemp
  • Bipartisanship is a must. 

The WV NORML Chapter continues to be a small dedicated group of volunteers who are working together to promote better marijuana laws. WVNORML recognizes that we need state policies that respect individual rights and personal liberties. We are aware that the national marijuana and hemp economies are growing and people overwhelmingly support hemp, medical marijuana and the decriminalization of marijuana.

Our WVNORML Chapter is a volunteer working group. We plan events and coordinate activities to help educate citizens and lawmakers. We also need your help to raise money for advertising and education campaigns. WVNORML is dedicated to helping citizens become the grass roots activists needed who can talk with our elected representatives to help them understand why marijuana and hemp is so important in West Virginia and why our current laws don’t work.  

Join us.  SPEAK UP!

Educating West Virginians About Marijuana and Marijuana Policy 

Mountain State Marijuana Fact 3:
National Drug Intelligence Center Reporting on West Virginia Drug Threat Assessment


Marijuana distributors in West Virginia occasionally commit violent crimes to protect their product and turf; however, marijuana abusers rarely commit violent crimes. Cannabis cultivators in West Virginia sometimes use booby traps and carry firearms to deter intruders.